About the Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS)

The Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS) aims to keep public health professionals in Scotland up-to-date with national and local developments in public health information via bulletins, email updates and seminars. To join the network, please register with the ScotPHO website.

PHINS Seminars

Seminars are held on an annual basis to discuss and publicise current public health related developments and research projects. 

This year's seminar took place on Friday 11th September 2015 in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 

You can view the morning's programme here: PHINS 2015 seminar programme (130Kb).

Below are links to pdf versions of most of the talks presented at the seminar. Please note, however, that as some of the presented research is still unpublished, not all the presentations are available to download.

General update section

Although not given as a presentation, hand-outs providing a general update on health & well-being related information projects in Scotland (1.9Mb) were available at registration.

Health inequalities in Scotland: causes and interventions

David Walsh (Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH)) and Gerry McCartney (NHS Health Scotland) gave a presentation entitled Why the Scots die younger: an updated synthesis. Unfortunately, this included new data that are the subject of ongoing analyses, and thus are not yet available to download. 

Cheryl Denny (ISD Scotland) and Andy McAuley (Health Protection Scotland) presented on Informing Investment to reduce health Inequalities (III) in Scotland (0.7Mb)

Jim McCormick (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) discussed Poverty, power and the changing face of Scotland (1.3Mb)

Physical activity and active travel in Scotland and the UK 

Bruce Whyte (GCPH) presented on Active travel in Scotland - trends and challenges (2.6Mb)

Niamh Shortt (University of Edinburgh/Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Health (CRESH)) asked Inequalities in physical activity and active travel: could the physical environment have a role to play? (5.4Mb)

Stuart Hay (Living Streets Scotland) discussed Active travel policy ambitions versus delivery realities (1.3Mb)

For more information on any of these talks, please contact the presenter directly.