About the Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS)

The Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS) aims to keep public health professionals in Scotland up-to-date with national and local developments in public health information via bulletins, email updates and seminars. To join the network, please register with the ScotPHO website.

PHINS Seminars

Seminars are held on an annual basis to discuss and publicise current information and research projects. 

This year's seminar took place on Friday 6th September 2013 in the Carnegie Lecture Theatre at Glasgow Caledonian University. About 350 delegates attended.

You can view the morning's programme here: PHINS 2013 programme (145Kb).

Below are links to pdf versions of all the talks presented at the seminar.

General update section

David Walsh (Glasgow Centre for Population Health) provided a general update on health & well-being related information projects in Scotland (75Kb)

Health inequalities: trends, determinants and policies

Jamie Pearce, University of Edinburgh, gave a presentation entitled Have geographical inequalities in health across Europe increased during the period 1991 to 2008? (1.5Mb)

Sonya Scott & Gerry McCartney, NHS Health Scotland, presented research on The fundamental causes of health inequalities in Scotland (1.7Mb)

Kat Smith, University of Edinburgh, gave a talk on What needs to happen to reduce health inequalities? Researcher, policy and advocacy perspectives (700Kb)

Assessing interventions

Mark Robinson, NHS Health Scotland, presented on The impact of the Alcohol Act on off‐trade alcohol sales in Scotland (1.3Mb)

'Tomi Ajetunmobi, ISD Scotland, discussed Breastfeeding – an effective public health intervention? (115Kb)

Colin Howden, Transform Scotland, gave a talk on Healthy Transport – the role of active and sustainable travel (10.5Mb)
(Please note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection)

For more information on any of these talks, please contact the presenter directly.

PHINS Bulletins

A bulletin, highlighting local developments in public health information, is produced on an approximately annual basis and is sent out by email to PHINS members. The most recent bulletin can be downloaded via the link below.