Violence: data introduction

Data collected from health and justice settings, together with survey findings help to quantify the incidence of violence across Scotland. We cannot rely solely on recorded police crime as an indication of the incidence of violent assaults, due to the high proportion of violent incidents that are not reported to police. Combining emergency department data with recorded police crime also has limitations, as it fails to account for individuals who do not attend emergency departments or who attend primary care for treatment. Combining survey data provides a more comprehensive picture of violent incidents although any combination of different sources is still likely to produce an underestimate of violent crime across Scotland.

Recorded Crime in Scotland and quantitative data from surveys such as the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey provide information about the causes of violence, its nature and effects.

Data can also be collated from a number of health sources including: primary care data; ambulance data; emergency department data; hospital admissions data; and deaths data.

Please note: If you require the most up-to-date data available, please check the data sources directly as new data may have been published since these data pages were last updated. Although we endeavour to ensure that the data pages are kept up-to-date, there may be a time lag between new data being published and the relevant ScotPHO web pages being updated.