High Blood Pressure: key data sources

The 1995, 1998, 2003 and annual 2008-2015 Scottish Health Surveys have obtained health-related data from a sample of the population of Scotland. The survey included actual measurement of the blood pressure of the individuals within the sample in a nurse module. A new contract was issued from 2012-2015 and saw the removal of the nurse module. Measurement of blood pressure as a result is now collected by specially trained interviewers. Blood pressure data are not available for 2012 due to the reduced size of the sample. The data for 2012/2013 was published in the 2013 report in September 2014. 

ISD's Practice Team Information (PTI) contains information about primary care data from a sample of approximately 5% of practices in Scotland, and gives an indication of the number of patients attending because of high blood pressure.

The Read Codes used in primary care to identify and record high blood pressure are:

G2.. Hypertensive disease
Gyu2.[X] Hypertensive diseases

Further details of these data sources are given on our overview of key data sources pages.