Burden of Disease technical workshop 2016

On the 15th and 16th of September 2016 we held a workshop in Edinburgh with colleagues from England, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. The aim of the workshop was to share experiences and learning, build contacts and develop links between teams conducting national burden of disease studies in Europe.

You can view the delegate list and programme here. The presentations are available to view below:

Day 1: Overview and Policy Impact

1. Summary of burden of disease work programme in each represented country (Scotland[1MB], Norway[4MB], The Netherlands[2MB], England[2MB], Belgium[1MB],Germany[8MB])

2. International collaborative work (WHO[1MB], GATHER guidelines[2MB], Nordic countries study[3MB])
Professor John Newton also highlighted the new GBD European Network being launched the following week.

3. Presentational approaches and impact (discussion - no slides)

4. Health Economics (Scotland[1MB])

5. Projections (Norway[2MB], WHO[1MB], The Netherlands[3MB])

6. Risk factors (Scotland[2MB])

Day 2: Technical details

1. Key Metrics (Scotland[1MB], WHO[1MB])

2. Prevalence (Norway[1MB], Scotland[1MB])

3. Comorbidity (The Netherlands[2MB], Scotland[1MB])

At the close of the workshop we agreed further work we wished to pursue:

  • Ongoing shared learning events (possibly annual) to continue to share experience, methodology and give peer support.
  • Topic specific detailed sessions, including health economics, information governance, experiences of use of BOD in policy process.
  • Development of a joint research agenda to prevent duplication and maximise scarce resources, and where work that would benefit multiple country data analysis can move forward (e.g IID work). This could include development of open access tools.

We were also keen to support further discussion on:

  • A platform for sharing code, materials and technical or illustrative reports.
  • An update to the WHO BOD manual.
  • A way to co-ordinate requests to IHME to minimise duplicative workload for them.

For further information please contact the principal investigator of the Scottish Burden of Disease Study: diane.stockton@nhs.net.