Informing Investment to reduce health Inequalities (III)

The Informing Investment to reduce health Inequalities (III) in Scotland project includes numerical models of the potential impact of 11 interventions on overall population health and health inequalities. A range of interventions across the determinants of health (including ‘upstream’, ‘downstream’, individually-focused and population-wide) were included. The interventions were chosen based on the highest quality and most generalisable evidence linking them to changes in mortality and hospital admissions.

The III tools supercede the previous HITS intervention tools published in 2009 and 2012. The tools are available as Excel spreadsheets and are accompanied by a user guide, technical guide and a briefing on delayed mortality effects. A separate commentary presents illustrative results and considers findings from the tool that have important implications for tackling health inequalities in Scotland.

Technical note:

The results are generally sensitive to assumptions contained within the models and should be interpreted accordingly. These include effect sizes drawn from observational data and populations at risk drawn from self-reported survey data; the impacts of which are likely to over- and under-estimate the reduction in inequality of the health behaviour interventions respectively.  For more details, please see the appendices  and the commentary below.


Informing Investment to reduce health Inequalities (III) in Scotland: a commentary (529Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Income (573Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Employment (919Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Active Travel (871Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Tobacco Taxation (818Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Smoking Cessation (1010Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Alcohol Brief Interventions (1086Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Counterweight (1062Kb)

Appendix A: sensitivity analysis (67Kb)

Appendix B: explaining the delayed mortality effect (49Kb)

Appendix C: user guide (192Kb)

Appendix D: technical guide (615Kb)

Additional Outputs - August 2015:

Separate tools have been created (for Orkney and Shetland only) which calculate inequalities based on populations resident in SIMD quintiles 2-5 only, since these Islands have no residents living in the national SIMD quintile 1 (most deprived). These results are not comparable with the inequalities results presented in the tools above.

III Intervention Tool: Income – Islands (547Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Employment – Islands (884Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Active Travel – Islands (849Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Tobacco Taxation - Islands (796Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Smoking Cessation – Islands (983Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Alcohol Brief Interventions – Islands (1019Kb)

III Intervention Tool: Counterweight  - Islands (1039Kb)