Colorectal cancer: policy context

Policy documents specific to colorectal cancer:

Cancer Genetics Services in Scotland: Guidance to support the Implementation of Genetics Services for Breast, Ovarian and Colorectal Cancer Predisposition (76kb) (2001) and Full Reference Document  (146kb) (2001).

Clinical Standards: Management of Bowel Cancer services (298kb)  (NHS Quality Improvement Scotland, March 2008) Review of the clinical standards for management of Bowel (Colorectal) cancer services in Scotland. 

SIGN126 Diagnosis and Management of Colorectal Cancer (SIGN, 2011) (1.6Mb) provides guidelines on treating patients with colorectal cancer.

Evaluation of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot(1,724kb) (2003) and Supplement(1,036kb) (2003).

Bowel Cancer Framework for Scotland (Cancer in Scotland: Action for Change, 2004) (455Kb). In this framework the key components of a national bowel cancer service programme are outlined.

Bowel screening standards (773kb) Healthcare Improvement Scotland, 2015. This document sets out minimum standards for bowel screening services in Scotland. These standards apply to all people in Scotland eligible to take part in the Scottish Bowel Screening Programme.

Policy documents on general cancer policy:

Beating Cancer: Ambition and Action (SG, March 2016) outlines the government’s plan for improving the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and after care for people affected by cancer in Scotland.

Scottish Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer (Healthcare Improvement Scotland, 2014). These revised guidelines aim to facilitate appropriate referral between primary and secondary care for patients whom a GP suspects may have cancer.

Detect Cancer Early (SG, 2012) - this programme aims to improve survival for people with cancer in Scotland and to be among the best in Europe by diagnosing and treating the disease at an earlier stage.

Transforming Care after Treatment (2013) - this programme is a partnership between the SG, Macmillan cancer support, NHS Scotland and local authorities to support a redesign of care following active treatment for cancer.

The Scottish Government's Cancer webpages provide further information on cancer policy and its implementation in Scotland.