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Life circumstances: overview

The circumstances in which people live impact directly on their health, both mental and physical. Their importance as a determinant of health has long been acknowledged, and is reflected in Scottish Government policy documents such as Better Health, Better Care: Action Plan, 2007, Equally Well 2008, Achieving Our Potential: A Framework to Tackle Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland, 2008 and The Early Years Framework, 2009. It is reiterated in more recent publications such as the Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland , the Scottish Parliament report on Health Inequalities and Scotland's Economic Strategy 2015.

This part of the web site covers some of the more influential aspects of life circumstances, with a range of often overlapping topics. These are: the physical environment; income and employment; deprivation; the social environment (with associated topics of education and crime); and community well-being (another topic which overlaps with much of the above).

Page last updated: 07 September 2017

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