Social environment: data introduction

These pages contain some very limited examples of data related to the social environment. However, other examples of relevant data can be found elsewhere in the website, for example within the data sections of the Crime, Education, Ethnic Minority, and Profiles pages.

See also the Key data sources page of this section of the website for examples of where other social environment related data may be accessed.

The table below shows the dimensions and geographies for which data are presented within the data pages of this section of the website.

Table 1: Data for Scotland presented in the Social Environment data pages

  Lone parent households Lone pensioner households Rating of neighbourhood Civic Participation Providers of unpaid care Volunteering
  Data presented? (Y=yes; N=no)
By gender N N N N N N
By age group N N N N N N
By deprivation group N N Y N N N
By NHS board area Y Y N N Y N
By local authority area Y Y Y Y Y Y
By community health partnership (CHP) area N N N N N N
Time trend Y N N Y N N
National target n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Comparison with UK/GB N N N N N N
International comparison N N N N N



Please note: If you require the most up-to-date data available, please check the data sources directly as new data may have been published since these data pages were last updated. Although we endeavour to ensure that the data pages are kept up-to-date, there may be a time lag between new data being published and the relevant ScotPHO web pages being updated.