28th September 2017 - Online Profiles Tool update - Update to Health and Wellbeing Profile - 2011 intermediate zones

Today we have updated our existing Health and Wellbeing Profile, replacing any indicators currently available at 2001 intermediate zone level with equivalent information at 2011 intermediate zone.

Many of the indicators within this profile have been re-run for all geographies (NHS board & local authority) to provide consistent up-to-date figures as well as longer term trends.

The updated Health and Wellbeing Profile can be accessed via the ScotPHO Online Profiles Tool.

Technical notes:

  • Some indicators (particularly those based on SMR datasets) may show minor differences to previously published figures at NHS board or council area level due to updates or increased completeness to underlying datasets.
  • Where possible, we have calculated time trend data for 2011 intermediate zones using best fit methodology.
  • The indicator on ‘young people not in employment, education or training (NEET)’ is no longer available. The Scottish Government are planning to replace this indicator in future. Once an alternative is available we will look to include this data.
  • Educational attainment is no longer reported by average tariff; this indicator has been replaced with the number of school leavers achieving SCQF Level 6 or better in line with national reporting.
  • Referrals to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration for violent offences has been replaced with the broader measure of referrals for all offences.
  • The definition of secondary school attendance has changed and the primary school attendance indicator is no longer included.
  • The definition of the suicide deaths indicator has been changed for the period 2011-2015 onwards. Earlier data for this indicator remain based on old coding rules. See ScotPHO Suicide section for more details.