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Making a bad situation worse? The impact of welfare reform and the economic recession on health and health inequalities in Scotland (baseline report)


This report provides a framework and baseline measures for the evaluation of the health and health inequalities impact of the current wave of welfare changes and the current economic downturn. It is currently too soon to evaluate the impacts of either the economic recession or welfare changes using routine health data. This report will be updated in due course when more data are available. 


Gerry McCartney, Fiona Myers, Martin Taulbut, Wendy MacDonald, Mark Robinson, Sonya Scott, Rory Mitchell, Drew Millard, Elaine Tod, Esther Curnock, S. Vittal Katikireddi and Neil Craig

Publisher(s): ScotPHO / NHS Health Scotland
Date published: 2nd October 2013
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 Making a bad situation worse? (2.1Mb)