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Document title: An atlas of tobacco smoking in Scotland: A report presenting estimated smoking prevalence and smoking attributable deaths within Scotland
Description: The atlas and its supporting appendices present estimates of current smoking prevalence in Scotland at a variety of geographical levels. Smoking prevalence estimates are provided for NHS boards, councils, community health partnerships (CHPs) and Scottish parliamentary constituencies and also for intermediate zones and postcode sectors. The estimates were produced by Professor Graham Moon and colleagues at Portsmouth University by applying a multilevel synthetic estimation procedure to data from the 2003/04 Scottish Household Survey and the 2001 census. In addition to the smoking prevalence estimates, the atlas also includes estimates of smoking-attributable deaths for individual NHS boards and CHPs in order to illustrate the burden of smoking-related harm within Scotland. The atlas will be a valuable resource when used in conjunction with local knowledge, to support smoking cessation and prevention activities within NHS boards, CHPs and councils across Scotland.
Author(s): Editorial team:
Bruce Whyte, David Gordon, Sally Haw (NHS Health Scotland)
Colin Fischbacher, Nick Scott (ISD Scotland)
Rachel Harrison (ASH Scotland)
Publisher(s): NHS Health Scotland / ScotPHO
Date published: 5 July 2007
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Main report (including Appendix 1):

An atlas of tobacco smoking in Scotland (9,158Kb)

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Appendix 2: Tables of smoking estimates for intermediate zones and postcode sectors (418Kb)

Appendix 3: Smoking Prevalence in Scotland: 2003/04 sub-national estimates - the main report on creation of smoking estimates (563Kb)

Appendix 4: Technical supplement to main report on creation of smoking estimates (91Kb)

Appendix 5: Description of method applied to calculate smoking-attributable mortality (21Kb)

Appendix 6a: Detailed tables on smoking-attributable mortality for Scotland, 1950-2004 (116Kb)

Appendix 6b: Detailed tables on smoking-attributable mortality for NHS board, 2000-2004 (257Kb)

Appendix 7: Smoking-attributable mortality tables for Scotland, NHS boards and CHPs by cause, age and sex (143Kb)

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