Population: key points

  • Scotland's estimated population on the 30th June 2015 was 5,373,000, a rise of 25,400 on the previous year and the highest ever.
  • Between mid-2000 and mid-2015, the Scottish population increased by almost 6% (310.060) from 5.06 million to 5.37 million.
  • Long-term projections predict the increasing population to reach an estimated 5.7 million in 2039.
  • Projections predict that the total number of households in Scotland will increase from 2,387,207 to 2,782,774 between 2012 and 2037, a rise of 17%.
  • The average number of persons per household continues to reduce overall.

Please note: From December 2013, this section uses mid-year population estimates for 2002 to 2010 rebased to the 2011 Census.

Section updates:

  • The last update of this section was completed in December 2016.
  • The next update is due to by end September 2017.