Population: key data sources

Scotland’s Census
The National Records of Scotland (NRS) maintains the Scotland’s Census website which provides access to the results of the 2001 and 2011 Census in Scotland. In terms of population statistics, this site has a range of population tables including populations broken down by age, gender, living arrangements and marital status, and these are available at a number of geographical levels from NHS health boards to census output areas. Additionally, the census provides the only comprehensive estimates of ethnic minority populations broken down to small areas. Household composition statistics are also available broken down into a wide range of tables. The NRS will also undertake ad hoc analyses on request.

National Records of Scotland (NRS)
The Registrar General's Annual Review of Demographic Trends can be accessed from the website along with its accompanying vital statistics tables. Previous years' reports are also available. There are many other demographic statistics available in their Online Data Library and a Customer Services team help with ad hoc queries. 

Scotland’s official statistics website provides access to a range of official statistics about Scotland for information and re-use. Data can be explored by theme, organisation, or geography. Search for datasets, places or enter your postcode to find data about your local area. The data can be viewed as tables, maps and charts or downloaded in various formats. This site hosts a large number of linked data datasets which can be browsed and downloaded in multiple formats, and accessed programmatically

Office for National Statistics (ONS)
ONS population projections to provide an indication of the future size and age structure of the population based on mid-year population estimates and a set of assumptions of future fertility, mortality and migration. Available for the UK and its constituent countries as national population projections and for the regions, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups in England as subnational population projections. These projections are widely used for resource allocation and planning. The latest set of full projections are 2014-based and were published on 29th October 2015.

International Population Data

Scotland and European Health for All (HfA) Database
This ScotPHO/WHO Regional Office for Europe database of health indicators can be interrogated to show population estimates by country, including the UK and Scotland.

WHO Mortality Database
The World Health Organisation Statistics Information System (WHOSIS) hosts the WHO Mortality Database which, along with mortality files, provides a file of population estimates (by age quintile, gender, year and country) for WHO member states. This file is provided in ASCII (comma separated values) format for ease of downloading.

World Population Prospects Population Database
The United Nations maintains this on-line resource, which provides population breakdowns by country and region across the world.